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The revolution of tensor threads

With time the signs accumulate on the face: appearance of jowls, nasolabial folds, bitterness folds and sagging cheekbones are inevitable. This is partly due to a slippage of fat from the face, the volume of which increases ...

Can a man benefit from a facelift?

  When facial aging becomes important and it can no longer be treated by minimally invasive techniques such as "fillers" (hyaluronic acid, etc.), surface treatments (peels, lasers, etc.), men can consider the techniques. ..

What if the new trend becomes the neck?

  You should know that the skin of the neck is fine and delicate, it creases, wrinkles and relaxes more quickly than the skin of the face, did you know that it is the skin of the neck that works the most on the body? If we maintain the face, we should not ...

In 2021 long live beauty!

Beauty we talk about it and we talk about it… Beauty we talk about it and we talk about it again… but who is she? is there a rule to follow? Numerous studies show that beauty is often associated with harmony and symmetry of forms. It is...

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