Cosmetic surgery of the face

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Cosmetic surgery of the face

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By choosing to entrust your face to Dr Christophe Desouches and his team in Marseille, you will have a quality experience at every stage of your process.

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Medical profiloplasty

Do you want to beautify your face profile?

Who doesn't dream of having a perfect face structure?
The high cheekbones, the proportionate nose, the correct size chin...
However, many of us do not have perfectly harmonious facial proportions.
This is where a profiloplasty can help!

What is medical profiloplasty?

Medical profiloplasty combines different injections to obtain the ideal profile.

It is a set of aesthetic, non-surgical acts, carried out to make the profile more harmonious, attractive and adapted to the gender of the person concerned (male profile or female profile).

Dr. Christophe Desouches has an expert eye resulting from his vast experience, which allows him to appreciate the ideal proportions of the face and of each zone (width, height, projection, angles, etc.).

Injections of Hyaluronic Acid and profiloplasty

The injections of hyaluronic acid carried out judiciously make it possible to balance the profile at the level of the forehead, the nose, the lips and the chin. They improve the projection of the lips or the chin while rebalancing the structure of the face (mandibular line, Jawline, cheekbones).

Why Hyaluronic Acid?

Because it's the best way to increase volume and projection.

What does a medical profiloplasty consist of?

As this is a broad procedure, several different injections can be performed in combination to achieve the perfect face. 

These include in particular the following:

  • Forehead: medical frontoplasty allows to modify the shape of the forehead and the resulting angle with the nose
  • Nose (Medical rhinoplasty): the most popular procedure is rhinoplasty, which is a way to change the size and shape of your nose, correcting bumps, dips and deviations
  • Cheekbones: with Hyaluronic Acid it is possible to reshape the cheekbones by restoring their natural volume
  • Chin (Medical genioplastyJawline Contouring): Change the size and profile of your chin to even out the profile of your face. Depending on whether you are looking for a masculine or feminine chin, you will give it a square shape or, on the contrary, more straight and narrow
  • Lips (Hyaluronic Acid Lip Injections – Russian lips): the lips are a major asset in the harmony of the face. Their image is culturally attached to seduction, attraction and sensuality.

How is a profiloplasty performed?

The profiloplasty is performed without local anesthesia and requires an hour stay at the Medical Center.
You may have bruising, redness or mild swelling for a few days.


The advantages of this medical procedure are multiple:

  • Immediate results on the face
  • Visible and impressive impact
  • No surgery
  • Use of known and perfectly tolerated products (Hyaluronic Acid and/or Botox)
  • Very few side effects
  • Duration from one year to one and a half years

frequently asked Questions

What is the cost of a profiloplasty?

The number of acts and injections varies according to the needs, it is necessary to request a tailor-made quote from Dr. Christophe Desouches to know the treatment plan.

What products are used for profiloplasty?

The main product used is Hyaluronic Acid, it can sometimes be supplemented with Botox.

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By choosing to entrust your face to Dr Christophe Desouches and his team, you are talking to experienced professionals who will accompany you at every stage of your process.

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