Cosmetic breast surgery

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Cosmetic breast surgery

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By choosing to entrust your chest to Dr Christophe Desouches and a? his team has? Marseille you will have a quality experience? at every step of your journey.

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Breast augmentation by prosthesis

Breast augmentation by prosthesis provides an aesthetic solution to small breasts using silicone gel implants, or in some cases based on physiological saline. L?mammal augmentation is one of the most performed procedures in cosmetic surgery. It is practiced in patients who wish to improve or regain the volume of their breasts and the curve of their chest.

Do you need breast augmentation?

  • If you want a more attractive breast or a better proportion to your body;
  • If a breast lift alone will not achieve the shape you desire;
  • If pregnancies, weight loss or aging have changed the size and shape of your breasts;
  • If your chest has an asymmetry.

Breast augmentation by prosthesis

What are the advantages of breast implants?

The breast implant remains today the ideal lasting solution to increase breast volume. Breast prostheses make it possible to obtain:

  • Better breast shape;
  • Better symmetry;
  • A fuller neckline.

What are the disadvantages of prosthetic augmentation?

  • Breast implants can rupture over time;
  • Breast implants require regular monitoring;
  • The implants may eventually require a new operation for replacement.

What are the arguments for a breast augmentation by prosthesis?

If you are dissatisfied with your breasts, find your breasts too small or poorly balanced, if you lack self-confidence and the volume of your breasts has a significant psychological impact, breast implants can provide a relevant answer to your problems. . What are the reasons that can make you consider breast augmentation by prostheses?

  • Your breasts have been small in size since your late teens;
  • Your breasts have become smaller or less firm after pregnancy;
  • Your breasts have become smaller after weight loss;
  • One of your breasts is significantly smaller than the other.

If you are in good general health, with realistic expectations, you are probably a good candidate for this procedure.

Information on breast augmentation procedure by implant:

How is a breast implant placed?

During breast augmentation with implants, a skin incision is made, a pocket is created under the breast and an implant is placed in this pocket. The incisions called approaches are chosen according to the morphology and the desire of the patient. Four options are generally possible: scar

  •  Areolar (intra-areolar) (incision at the level of the nipple);
  • Areolar (periareolar) (incision around the nipple);
  • Axillary (under the arm at armpit level);
  • Sub mammary (in the fold of the breast).

In front or behind the muscle, what will be the position of the breast implants?

Multiple factors, especially the shape and volume of your breasts, determine how your breast implants will be inserted and positioned. The natural aesthetic result and the quality of the neckline are the priority objectives. Implants are placed either: implants

  • In retro glandular (1): Above the pectoral muscle, preferred technique when there is already a large mammary gland;
  • In retro muscle (2): Below the pectoral muscle, preferred technique when there is little mammary gland or when the desired increase is significant;
  • Retro-fascial (3): Above the pectoral muscle but below the fascia (green line) which is a rigid membrane above the pectoral muscle. Technique used for a moderate augmentation with a moderate mammary gland.

Breast implants filled with serum or silicone gel?

Depending on your medical history, your morphology and your aesthetic goals, Dr. Desouches, plastic surgeon in Marseille, will recommend breast implants in silicone or saline. Saline breast implants are filled with sterile salt water. They can be pre-filled to a pre-determined size or filled at the time of surgery to allow for minor changes in implant size. The advantages of this technique: safety of the serum in the event of leakage, reduced incisions, fine balance of volumes in the event of asymmetry. This type of implant is still little used because it has a less flexible and less natural appearance. Silicone gel-filled breast implants are filled with a soft, elastic, non-toxic gel and are available in a wide variety of shapes. All silicone gel breast implants are pre-filled and may require a larger incision for insertion. This type of prosthesis is the most used, its lifespan can reach 15 years. Based in Marseille, Dr. Christophe Desouches can combine prosthetic breast augmentation with a breast lift if your chest is sagging.

What are the consequences of breast augmentation surgery?

Dr. Christophe Desouches will tell you how long it will take before you can return to your normal level of activity. This duration is 5 to 15 days depending on your professional activity. After surgery, you will receive detailed instructions on your post-operative care, including information on:

  • The normal symptoms you will experience;
  • Signs of possible complications.

Immediately after your breast augmentation.

You will wear a medical compression bra for about a month. You can expect to have bandages, wear compression garments, and sometimes you can have surgical drains. When the anesthesia wears off, you may feel some pain. If the pain is painful or long lasting, you will receive painkillers through the vein. You will also notice redness and swelling after the surgery. Normal surgical outcomes include bruising, numbness or changes in nipple sensation, and itching around the incision sites. These side effects should disappear within the first few weeks, with some residual effects lasting up to three months after surgery.

What is the recovery time after the prostheses are fitted?

It is extremely important that you follow all care instructions provided by Dr. Christophe Desouches, your Marseille surgeon. This will include information about wearing a bra, compression garments, necessary dressings, and the level and type of activity that is safe. He will also provide you with detailed instructions on the normal symptoms you will experience and potential signs of complications. It is important to understand that the time needed for recovery varies greatly between individuals. The week following your intervention, Dr Christophe Desouches, Marseille surgeon, will carry out a control visit; it will take a month and a half of waiting to resume sport. However, gentle activities are recommended from the first days (walking for example) to avoid the risk of phlebitis.

What are the risks of breast augmentation with prostheses?

All surgical procedures have some degree of risk. Some of the complications are:

  • Adverse reaction to anesthesia;
  • Hematoma or seroma (accumulation of blood or fluid under the skin);
  • Infection and bleeding;
  • Sensitivity disorders;
  • Hypertrophic or hyperpigmented scars;
  • Allergic reactions;
  • Blood clots in the legs or lungs (phlebitis or pulmonary embolism)

Complications from breast augmentation are uncommon. The specific risks of breast augmentation are:

  • Unsatisfactory results that may require additional interventions;
  • Early rupture of the implant;
  • A shell around the implant;
  • A seroma (fluid around the implant);
  • Very rare cases of capsule lymphoma when envelopes are very textured.

Breast Augmentation Frequently Asked Questions > Download the document in PDF format

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By choosing to entrust your chest to Dr. Christophe Desouches and his team in Marseille, you will have a quality experience at each stage of your process.

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