Cosmetic breast surgery

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Cosmetic breast surgery

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By choosing to entrust your chest to Dr Christophe Desouches and a? his team has? Marseille you will have a quality experience? at every step of your journey.

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Cosmetic breast surgery

Breast surgery in Marseille

Like many women, you are probably concerned with the appearance of your breasts, the shape of your breasts, their symmetry or their volume.

Breast enhancement surgery is the most performed surgery in cosmetic surgery. Whether breast augmentation by prosthesis or fat injection (lipofilling), breast lift alone or associated with an increase in volume, this surgery can bring you great satisfaction. An embellished chest makes you feel more attractive, more confident.

If you are considering breast augmentation or a breast lift, Dr. Christophe Desouches, cosmetic surgeon in Marseille, can offer you his expertise and advise you in order to carry out your procedure.

Interventions to beautify the breasts

In order to improve the shape, size and contour of your breasts, Dr. Christophe Desouches offers the following solutions:

Breast augmentation by prostheses

Thanks to advances in breast implant technology, breast augmentation by prosthesis provides an aesthetic solution to small breasts using silicone gel implants, or in some cases filled with saline.

>>>More details on breast augmentation by prosthesis

Axillary breast augmentation

The axillary approach allows breast implants to be placed discreetly without any scarring on the chest.

>>>More details on underarm breast augmentation

Sub-fascial breast augmentation

This technique avoids the appearance of implants that may appear too tall, unnatural, or distorted on movement, and allows for a shorter recovery period.

>>>More details on subfascial breast augmentation

Minimally invasive breast augmentation

Minimally invasive breast augmentation is a state-of-the-art technique for placing breast implants by making a very short incision in the breast or under the arms.

>>>More details on minimally invasive breast augmentation

Breast enlargement by lipofilling

Women interested in a more natural alternative to breast implants can choose breast lipofilling. The increase in breast volume by lipofilling consists of injecting one's own fatty tissue into the breast to correct a volume deemed insufficient.

>>> More details on breast augmentation by lipofilling

Breast lift

Also known as mastopexy or breast ptosis cure, this breast surgery improves the shape and position of the areola of the breasts. Raising the chest gives a more attractive profile.

>>> More details about the breast lift

Breast lift and prosthesis

The lifting associated with a breast augmentation by prosthesis makes it possible to significantly increase the volume of the breasts while correcting a drooping chest.

>>> More details on breast lift and prosthesis

Breast lift and lipofilling

The lifting associated with a lipofilling makes it possible to correct drooping or uneven breasts by giving them a more generous curve. In this case the increase in volume is obtained by injecting adipose tissue into the breast, particularly in the upper part of the breast.

>>> More details on breast lift and lipofilling

Surgical nipple reduction

Nipples that are enlarged naturally or after breastfeeding can be reduced with a very simple surgical procedure under local anesthesia.

>>>More details about nipple reduction

Correction of inverted nipple

Nipple intussusception can create aesthetic and functional discomfort by preventing breastfeeding. A surgical intervention can correct the defect.

>>>More details on the correction of the inverted nipple

Breast Augmentation Frequently Asked Questions

You want to increase the volume of your chest and you hesitate, you ask yourself questions. Here are Dr. Christophe Desouches' answers to the most frequently asked questions about breast implants, lipofilling, breast lift and cosmetic breast surgery in general.

>>>Breast Augmentation FAQ

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By choosing to entrust your chest to Dr. Christophe Desouches and his team in Marseille, you will have a quality experience at each stage of your process.

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